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  • Professor. Lee, Sun-Kyu
  • Ultraprecision Machine System Lab.
    School of Mechatronics, GIST
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1980Seoul National University (B.S.) Mechanical Engineering
1988Tokyo Institute of Technology (M.S.) Mechanical Engineering for Production
1991Tokyo Institute of Technology (Dr.Eng.) Mechanical Engineering for Production
Work Experience
1982 - 1985Korea Institute of Machinery and Metals (KIMM)
1991 - 1993Toyoda Machine Works Co. Dept.of Research andDevelopment (JAPAN)
1993 - 1994Samsung Heavy Industry
1997 - 1998Visiting Professor, UC Davis
1994 - 2001GIST, Associate Professor
2003           Visiting professor at Tohoku Univ. Nagaoka Technical Univ.
2005 - 2008Director of GIST Technology Initiative (GTI)
2001 - presentProfessor, School of Mechatronics, GIST
Records & Awards
KSPE 추계 정밀공학대상 수상, 2016
KSPE 춘계 최우수논문상 수상, 2014, "투과율 가변유리제작을 위한 마이크로 광학 구조의 설계"
GIST Award for Teaching Excellence 수상, 2012
ICMDT Best Paper Award 수상, 2013, "Design and Fabrication of High Concentration Lens for CPV"
KSPE 추계 논문 부분별 최우수상 수상, 2013, "열전효과를 이용한 열유속 센서의 설계 및 노이즈 분석"
과학기술분야 정부출연연구기관 우수연구자 과학기술포장 (국가과학기술위원회), 2012
KSPE 추계 논문 부분별 최우수상 수상, 2012, "회절격자 간섭계를 활용한 선형 이송계의 6자유도 운동 오차 측정"
Most downloaded award, Int.J.P&M, 2010, "Miniaturized TIR Fresnel lens for miniature optical LED application"
Highlights of 2008 (Top contributions), J.Opt.A:Appl.Opt, 2009, "Fabrication of a multilevel lens using independent exposure lithography and FAB plasma etching"
주봉학술상 (KSME), 2009
현송공학상 (KSPE), 2007
Best paper award, ICMIT, 2005.9 "Modeling of an Electromagnetically Actuated Spindle System Considering Bidirectional Bearing Compliance"
Development of Ultra high speed spindle system for CNC Tapping machine (2002)
World highest spindle for machining(50,000 rpm), 1992
Professional Activities
President of KSPE (2015)
Executive Vice Chairman of KSPE (2014)
Board member of KSPE
Vice president of KSPE (2012~2013)
Chairman of Production and Design Section in KSME(2012)
Editor of Int.J.Precision Engineering and Manufacture(2011~)
Steering Committee of Asian society of Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology(ASPEN) (2005~)
Research Interests
Ultraprecision machine dynamics and control
Multi degree of freedom Motion error analysis and measurement
Thermo-mechanical design & smart cooling
Sub-nanometer Optical measurement
Ultraprecision grinding/machining
Virtual machining/assembly