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8 Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering The optimization of sawtooth gratings using RCWA and its fabrication on a slanted silicon substrate by fast atom beam etching ChaBum Lee, Kazuhiro Hane, Sun-Kyu Lee 2008.05 Vol.18
7 Journal of Optics A Fabrication of a multi-level lens using independent-exposure lithography and FAB plasma etching Do Kyun Woo, Kazuhiro Hane, Sun-Kyu Lee 2008.05 Vol.10
6 Applied Optics Absolute Strain Measurement using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors I.C.Song,, S.K.Lee,, B.H.Lee, S.H.Jeong 2004.01 Vol.43, No.6, pp.1337-1341
5 Optics and Laser Technology Beam Alignment with the Axis of a Rotation Stage for Laser Fabrication of Micro Circular Structures S.J.Jeong, S.K.Lee, S.H.Jeong 2004.01 Vol.36, pp.401-408
4 Measurement science and Technology A simple method for the compensation of the nonlinearity in the heterodyne interferometer T.B.Eom, T.Y.Choi, G.H.Lee, H.S.Choi, S.K.Lee 2002.01 Vol 13, pp.222-225
3 Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology Multi-degree-of-freedom motion error measurement in an ultraprecision machine Using laser encoder – Review Cha Bum Lee ,Sun-Kyu lee 2013.01 Vol.27, issue.1, pp.141-162
2 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing Uncertainty Investigation of Grating Interferometry in Six Degree-of-freedom Motion Error Measurements Cha Bum Lee, Gyu-Ha Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2012.09 Vol.13, No.9, pp.1509-1515
1 Review of Scientific Instruments Frequency Stabilization of an Internal Mirror He-Ne Laser by a Digital Control T.B.Eom, H.S.Choi, Sun-Min Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee, 2002.01 Vol 73, No1, pp.221-224