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104 EUSPEN 2018 Design of manipulator for gantry-type finishing machine Jong-Jae Kim, Sangki Park, Sun-Kyu Lee 2018.06.05-06 Italy
103 ISGMA 2017 Suppression of Machining Vibration and Tool Breakage Using High Damping Alloy Collet Min-Su Kim, Jong-Jae Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2017.06 Republic of Korea
102 ICMDT 2017 Modeling & Control of Robot System for Machining Application Sang-Ki Park, Jong-Jae Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2017.04 Republic of Korea
101 ICMDT 2017 Silicon Wafer machining with laser assisted diamond tool Yong-Han Lee, Byung-Kwon Sim, You-Young Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2017.04 Republic of Korea
100 ASPEN 2017 Workspace Analysis Keeping High Stiffness by using Gantry Type Robot for Jong-jae Kim, Sang-ki Park, Sun-Kyu Lee 2017.11 Seoul, Republic of Korea
99 ASPEN 2017 Tool Wear Behavior during CFRP End Milling According to Machining Conditions Min-Keon Lee, Byung-Kwon Sim, Yoon-Hyung Choi, Sun-Kyu Lee 2017.11 Seoul, Republic of Korea
98 WCAM-2017 High efficiency high conductive phosphor for LD-driven white light Dong-Ho Lee, Sun-Kyu Lee,,Jea-Young Joo, Hyungsun Kim, Sunil Kim 2017.06 Xi'an, China
97 EUSPEN 2017 CFRP surface finishing using ceramic brush Maruf Hasan Rakib, Min-Keon Lee, You-Young Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2017.05 Hannover, German
96 ISGMA 2016 Green Lighting – Laser Diode-driven white light Sun-Kyu Lee, Dong-Ho Lee, Chang-ho Byun 2016.06 Bali, Indonesia
95 ULTRASONICS 2016 Precise motion control of XY stage system using ultrasonic motor in a vacuum environment Sun-Kyu Lee, Dong-Jin Lee, Youyoung Kim 2016.06 Portugal
94 Euspean 2016 Micro-topography generation method using a rotating tool actuated by an electromagnetic actuator JongHyun Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee, Sangki Park, Minsu Kim 2016.06 Nottingham,UK
93 EuroSimE 2016 Thermal dynamic modeling of laser diode cooling system considering surrounding ambient condition Changho Byun, Sangki Park, Yonghan Lee, Sun-Kyu Lee 2016.04 Montpellier, France
92 ISAAT2015 Investigation of efficient lapping process using ceramic brush Jonghyun Kim, Youyoung Kim, Sun-kyu Lee 2015, 10 Jeju, Korea
91 ECM4 Ultraprecision control performance of high power ultrasonic linear motor Sun-Kyu Lee, Dong-Jin Lee, Youyoung Kim 2015. 08 Aberdeen, UK
90 ASPEN 2015 Investigation on the calibration accuracy for the membrane type heat flux sensor using micro heater Sungki Nam, Chang-Ho Byun , Youyoung Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2015. 08 Harbin, China
89 ISGMA 2015 Modeling of Laser-driven White Lighting with Consideration of Phosphor Particle and Surface Model Dong-Ho Lee, Sung-Ki Nam, Jae-Young Joo, Sun-Kyu Lee 2015. 06 Qingdao, China
88 ISGMA 2015 Thermal Dynamic Modeling of LD Cooling System and Performance Enhancement of LD Cold Plate Made by 3D Printing Changho Byun, Youyoung Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2015. 06 Qingdao, China
87 ISGMA 2015 Micro-optical Pattern-based Switchable Glass for Laser-driven White Lighting Sangki Park, Min-Keon Lee, Sun-Kyu Lee 2015, 06 Qingdao, China
86 ICMDT 2015 Magnetic Actuator for the Air Bearing Spindle System Jonghyun Kim, Sun-Kyu Lee 2015.04 Okinawa, Japan
85 ICMDT 2015 Control of XY Stage using Ultrasonic Linear Motor for Positioning and Continuous Motion Dong-Jin Lee, Youyoung Kim, Min-Keon Lee, Sun-Kyu Lee 2015.04 Okinawa, japan